The Chaos President

With apologies to the Bard and his Richard III:

Now is glorious summer/ made the winter of our discontent/ by this son of New York.

The daily outpouring of executive orders, decrees, announcements and tweets has sent the nation into a tumble.  Sure, executive orders are expected, but the rollouts have been bungled, resulting in mass protests, traumatized citizens, stranded legal immigrants, people uncertain of their health care, and ad hominem attacks on members of the Judicial and Executive branches of government by a president who shows little understanding of the Constitution.  He thinks in terms of “deals” and negotiates with world leaders as though they are just some guys trying to out-deal him; insults, tirades, even slamming the phone down are all part of hardball deal-making.  Beyond the sense of chaos lies the frightening denial of truth by alt-facts and outright ignorance.  He seems to think that UC Berkeley orchestrated the violent protest on campus this week, and talks about Frederick Douglass as though he were still alive!  It’s all quite bewildering– almost like an intentional obfuscation.

To my skeptical (all right, semi-paranoid) mind, this flurry of confusing developments resembles the distractions and shrewd misdirections practiced on the population by the one world government in Fourth World.  In the case of our president, our own Richard III, was he trying to sneak something past his supporters, hidden in plain sight?  What is the one thing he did this week which will enrich him personally? 

No, not his placing Stephen Bannon on the National Security Council- more obfuscation.  It’s the executive order to deregulate the financial industry.  Let financial advisors no longer seek what’s best for their clients, and let banks run things as they did before 2008!  Take away reforms that protected consumers.  The president has many friends, he says, wth “nice businesses,” and these friends are having trouble getting loans.  His “friends” include his own businesses, and this is the type of conflict of interest everyone saw coming.  With all his other executive orders, his supporters can say “See?  He’s taking action, doing what he promised!”  But can they point to this gift to Wall Street as one of Trump’s promises?  Sad!


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