A Day Without Women

It’s International Women’s Day, and across the US, there will be numerous Day Without a Woman protests and strikes, bringing attention to violence against women, pay inequality, hostile work environments and other issues.  As with the Women’s Marches in January, focus will be important in getting the message across, as opposed to stretching the umbrella to cover too many causes (see my earlier post on this blog, Hope Marches On).  Of course life is much more complicated now than when Aristophanes wrote Lysistrata:  the women in that play “only” demanded the end of the Peloponnesian War, but a battle of the sexes predictably ensued.  I think men nowadays are not only more supportive, they are active participants in the protest.

It’s a theme that occasionally inspires literature.  On the very first page of the sequel to Fourth World, Dr. Carla Patel, Director of the Dept. of Wellness, suddenly goes missing, and all hell breaks loose.  Let’s hope today’s demonstrations are even more disruptive.



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