Terminal Twitterrhea

The White House effluvium is notorious by now, and shows no signs of letting up.  Maybe the tweeted bombshell accusation that Barack Obama wiretapped Trump Tower will finally get the President’s handlers to say, rather urgently, “Sir, we need to talk…”.   They are furiously back-pedaling and doing damage control, for example, finding creative ways to interpret “wiretap” to mean any potential form of surveillance:  microwave ovens, TVs etc. so that the lack of evidence for wiretaps still doesn’t rule out “wiretaps.”  

Okay, that’ll hold them awhile.

Bad (or sick) dude!  Total disaster!  Totally rigged!  Nazis!  McCarthyism!

Mr. President?

Insurance for everyone!  Failing, dishonest, low-life…

A question, Mr. President?  Regarding your campaign’s contacts with Russian…

Total disaster!  Jail time!  Total meltdown!  Neurotic dope!  Totally rigged!

Uh… contact with Russian…

All talk, talk, talk- no action or results!  Enemy of the people!  Very sad!


Fake news!

At last, a diagnostic clue that makes sense:  bewildering, unfounded claims; intentional obfuscation (see my earlier post on this); and conspiracy theories generated by the President’s White House associates, certain talk show hosts, Steve Bannon’s Breitbart News, and others in his circle.

Diagnosis:  fake news poisoning, resulting in terminal, and yet interminable, Twitterrhea.  Another possibility is a neuropsychiatric condition caused by genetic and environmental factors, characterized by uncontrollable tics of speech or movement, often associated with attention deficit and obsessive-compulsive behavior:  Twittourette Syndrome.

Prognosis:  unfortunately, grim.  Adding moral fiber to the diet might help.


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